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Best way to strip your roof

old roof

Best way to strip your roof

The time has come to remove those old shingles

Broken, twisting shingles spell inconvenience for any property holder.

There could possibly be real releases exhibit in the real rooftop at the time, however there are certain to be later on if repairs aren’t made. Rooftop repair and supplanting both begin with one noteworthy advance – evacuating rooftop shingles.

We’ll cover some basic tips to remove the current shingles yourself, including the best tip of all, hire a contractor to cleanup the debris or find a dumpster rental place it so you can easily put the old shingles right into it.

damaged shingles

Those that are truly hoping to go up against this undertaking themselves should first get a nitty gritty arrangement of directions from the material makers. This arrangement of guidelines is entirely to get a thought of the procedure. We are not in charge of any mishaps, guarantee voids or misusing. We exceptionally prescribe permitting experts, similar to ourselves, to supplanting your rooftops. We offer the best guarantees and scope, beside makers, for substitution rooftops that are accessible to property holders in the Chicago metro area.


This is one strategy for expelling two layers of shingles from a basic, gabled low-pitched rooftop measuring around 14 feet by 42 feet on each plane, or pretty much 1200 square feet. It’s significant, however, that tasks of this size are past the ability level of numerous mortgage holders, so it is a smart thought to counsel with proficient contractual workers previously embraced any rooftop expulsion venture.

Devices and Materials Needed:

  • – Shovel (be sure is a sharp flat one)
  • – Hammer (nice size hammer, leave the little one at home)
  • – Nails (long 4″)
  • – Pitchfork
  • – Pry Bar
  • – Shingle Removal Scraper
  • – Trailer, Tarps

Initial, a device called a shingle scrubber will be required. This is like a level sharp edge scoop, with the exception of it has some enormous teeth. A triangular “foot rear area” is welded to the base, and this goes about as an incline to turn the scrubber, which at that point pushes under the shingles and lifts them from the rooftop. The shingle scrubber can likewise be utilized to pry up the material nails.

Some more seasoned rooftops will have a segment of sheet metal along the lower edge. Most material experts today prescribe this be taken off. The rooftop shingle scrubber can get under the sheet metal’s edge and pry it up.

scraping shingles

Without a shingle scrubber, a level cutting edge cultivate scoop may likewise be utilized to expel rooftop shingles. A typical garden pitchfork may likewise be valuable for evacuating the best layer of shingles, yet it can’t without much of a stretch be utilized to remove the base layer.

Removing the shingles

It for the most part takes four individuals working all together around two hours to totally evacuate the shingles off a rooftop around 1200 square feet in measure.

Once the rooftop shingles fall off, they need to by one means or another be discarded, and this is a standout amongst the most troublesome parts of the shingle expelling process. Black-top shingles are overwhelming. Indeed, even the least expensive shingle grades weigh around 225 pounds for every 100 square feet. It is useful to have a substantial dumpster good to go to influence the rooftop to shingle transfer less demanding.

Indeed, even after the principle rooftop shingles fall off, there will be bits of shingle adhered to the wood. There will likewise be various material nails that will either should be expelled or beat down. A tear paw pound is an extraordinary device for this errand. It can without much of a stretch expel any residual material garbage and haul out nails that are still in the wood. This for the most part takes around a hour for the entire rooftop.

It ought not amazement to see many sheets that sheathed free nails. Make certain to pound down every one of these nails. More seasoned rooftops, particularly, will be made for the most part out of 1×10 wooden boards. This was normal before the far reaching utilization of plywood for rooftop and floor sheathing.

Take after the rooftop sheets down to where the rafters are. There ought to be numerous corroded nails noticeable now.

Finalizing the job

As a last advance, drive in eight-penny nails for securing the rooftop sheathing sheets to the rafters. This will help set up the rooftop for the subsequent stages in the repair procedure. It is prescribed that maybe a couple nails be utilized for every ten far reaching board on each beam.

It is shrewd to remember this isn’t a task for the unpracticed do-it-yourselfer, or notwithstanding for somebody more experienced with no outside offer assistance. Slip-ups happen regularly when nonprofessionals attempt to carry out a vocation like this, and establishment botches result in voided guarantees, making for a staggeringly expensive mistake. Property holders ought to counsel with the experts at United Home Experts previously embraced any venture of this extent to get free gauges on home rooftop repair.

5 Additional Tips When Removing Shingles


5 things to consider when stripping existing shingles:

  1.  Rather than getting under shingles with a “scooping movement” and afterward scratching forward to get the nails out you should utilize a stripping device or rooftop scoop to pry up shingles far from the deck, by hauling the nails straight out.
  2.  Care must be taken so the rooftop scoop does not harm the surface of the deck.
  3.  Investigate the state of the deck as the detach proceeds. Any adamant nails staying after the shingles are evacuated ought to be hauled out utilizing a crowbar or hook pound alongside a wood obstruct as a support to counteract harm to the deck.
  4.  Review the stripped deck for any indications of weakening or physical harm. Any harmed zones ought to be supplanted with the same Homasote item.
  5.  Plan deck for the new complete rooftop establishment as per standard material practice and the roofing materials producer’s establishment directions. The Homasote Company requires the utilization of a ring-shank material nail for all shingle establishments. Establishment directions, general prerequisites and the most breakthrough data on Homasote material items are accessible at www.homasote.com


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